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How We Will Collect

  1. The Society will collect through donation, bequest, transfer and/or purchase significant and relevant objects which may include photographs, maps, building plans and printed material such as books, documents including manuscripts, newspapers, newspaper cuttings and oral histories relating to Toowoomba and its environs.
  2. An Acquisition Sub-Committee of three members of the Management Committee, including the President, will decide whether to accept or decline offers of donated material.
  3. Decisions made by the Sub-Committee will be recorded and objects formally accessioned.
  4. Only those objects that the Society can safely conserve and store will be collected. The Society is under no obligation to accept all objects offered to it.
  5. The Society may accept material for research purposes. As such, some objects may be accepted but not permanently displayed.
  6. The Society cannot promise to display all objects coming into its collection.
  7. Objects offered as ‘permanent loans’ will not be accepted by the Society.
  8. The Society may accept ‘temporary loans’ for the purposes of display, copying or research.
  9. Objects donated or purchased must be unconditional and the person donating the objects must have a valid and legal title to it.
  10. In the case of photographs, permission must be sought from the donor for the transfer of copyright or the permission to display, reproduce and sell.

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Criteria for Accepting Donations

  • Relevance
    Normally objects shall be accepted or considered only if they refer specifically to Toowoomba and its environs.
  • Documentation
    Objects being offered to the Society must be accompanied by sufficient information that the Society can ascertain the objects’ significance.
  • Condition
    Only objects in reasonable condition will be accepted unless the objects being offered are of significant value.
  • Storage
    Objects will be accepted only if they can be safely and securely stored.
  • Use
    Objects that are offered with conditions, such as permanent display or display at particular times, will not be accepted.
  • Duplicates
    Duplicate objects will be accepted where the objects are particularly rare or significant and are of better condition than the object already held.
  • Ownership
    The Society will accept objects from a donor only where clear legal title can be demonstrated.

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Storage and Conservation

  1. The Society aims to achieve high standards of collection, care and storage within its available resources.
  2. Where practical, archival quality storage and display products will be used.
  3. The Society will endeavour to keep its storage areas clean, secure and safe. The storage and display areas will be treated annually for pests.
  4. The Society understands the need to obtain professional advice before attempting conservation.

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Imperial Hotel - 1908
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Russell St Flood - 1926
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Margaret St - 1956
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Early Delivery Van
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Ruthven St - 1908
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Early Bootmaker
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